Botanical Medicine

 This involves the prescription of North American, European, and East Indian herbs.  Herbs have been used for thousands of years, giving us a wealth of traditional knowledge and insight into their many profound healing effects.  Within the past 50 years, a great deal of scientific research has confirmed many of these traditional uses and has allowed us to learn how the studied herbs work in the body.  There are several ways in which herbs can be prepared for use, including tinctures (herbs extracted in alcohol), compresses, teas, and topical salves. 

Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your company – recent changes to operations, the latest company softball game – or the industry you’re in. General business trends (think national and even international) are great article fodder, too.

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does.

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.


 Homeopathy is a medicinal technique in which preparations of different remedies are used to treat patient illness.  Remedies are most commonly made from herbs, other plants, or minerals; they are diluted in a mixture of alcohol and water and are then grafted onto sucrose pellets to be taken orally.  Through empirical trials, each remedy has been associated with a list of signs, symptoms, and other characteristics that they are able to address.  The remedy that best matches up with the signs, symptoms, and other characteristics of the patient being treated is then selected as the one to bring him or her back towards health.  For example, the homeopathic remedy made from the mineral calcium is associated with back pain, anxiety, and feeling cold all the time.  If a patient presented with back pain, anxiety, and feeling cold all the time, calcium would likely be a good remedy to prescribe. 

Lifestyle Counselling

 This involves working with patients to help them live healthier lives.  Along with the dietary counselling mentioned above, patients are also educated on proper ways to exercise, relax, set goals, and cope with the stressors of day to day life.

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