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Dull Skin Treatment North Vancouver

Dull skin can make you look older, tired and less vibrant than you really are. Though genetics certainly play a role in the texture and tone of your skin, most people experience dullness due to improper care or external factors. Dehydration, stress, UV exposure, air pollution, harsh skincare products and lack of exfoliation can all contribute to lackluster skin. At 4dskin, we understand how dull skin can make you feel unconfident in your own skin. With our special treatment, we can help bring back brightness to your complexion and make you feel more like yourself. Our treatment consists of a deep exfoliation that removes any dead skin cells imbedded in the top layer of the skin, followed by bubble mask infused with botanical extracts that are packed with antioxidants for smoother, brighter-looking skin. We also use unique products and techniques tailored to meet our clients’ individual skin goals for exceptional results every time.


At 4D Skin clinic, we offer a range of treatments aiming to restore dull, dehydrated and pigmented skin. Our spa technicians are dedicated to providing the best facial treatments to reveal brighter skin and a more radiant complexion. Our treatments slough off blocked pores, and even pigmentation and rehydrate while nourishing the skin, leaving nothing but healthy-looking skin behind. Experience vivacious transformation today – visit our Vancouver spa and let us help you achieve an illuminated, healthy glow.

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