Laser Vein Removal North Vancouver

Laser vein removal treatment is a revolutionary treatment that can reduce unsightly spider veins without surgery.

Using only beams of specially designed laser light, this non-invasive procedure can be used on even the safest skin types. The laser energy specifically targets the unwanted veins, making them gradually disappear over time with no long-term scarring or downtime for recovery. By sealing off these small vessels, the visible network of lines and discolorations underneath the skin have no choice but to fade away indefinitely. Results from laser vein removal are usually noticeable after just one session and continue to improve as further treatments progress. With just a few quick treatments, many people are able to achieve the aesthetically pleasing appearance that they desire without dangerous scalpels or needles.

laser vein removal treatment

Our laser vein removal treatment in Vancouver is a modern and advanced solution for reducing the appearance of unsightly veins. It uses targeted laser energy to break down and gradually dissolve the affected veins, leaving skin smooth and clear. Not only does our procedure provide aesthetic benefits, but it also improves circulation in your legs and feet, reduces the risk of infection, and eliminates pain associated with bulging veins. The treatment is safe, non-invasive, and simple; our specialists can complete it quickly with just one session (although multiple sessions may be necessary). With our laser vein removal treatment, you can look and feel better in no time.


Laser Vein Removal

Do veins come back after laser treatment?

Spider and varicose veins can be a cosmetic concern for many, leaving us self-conscious about our appearance. Fortunately our treatment, laser vein removal, offers a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of these veins. But what happens after the procedure has finished? Can our veins come back? In some cases (less than 5%), our treatments may need to be repeated periodically in order to maintain results – however on average our treatments tend to provide long-lasting and satisfactory results where spider and varicose veins are unlikely to return.

How long does it take to recover from laser vein surgery?

After laser vein removal, the recovery period is incredibly short because the procedure itself is minimally invasive and virtually free of side effects. Most patients are able to resume their regular activities within just a few days, though this may vary depending on the severity of their condition and certain individual factors. You should avoid vigorous physical exercise for several days after our treatment, although many people find that some mild discomfort and sensation only persists for a day or two at most.

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