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Nose Job (Non-surgical) Treatment North Vancouver

Non-surgical nose jobs are a type of cosmetic procedure used to reshape one’s nose. This procedure can be used to adjust the size and shape of a person’s nose without the need for surgery, which can save costs and provide more subtle results than other types of cosmetics. It is typically done with hyaluronic acid fillers and usually requires only a few injections after an initial assessment from your doctor. non-surgical procedures make it easier for people who want to improve their facial features to do so without undergoing the knife! For those seeking an alternative to going under the knife, our non-surgical nose job treatment is a great way to achieve a more satisfying and balanced appearance in just one session. Our experienced practitioners use a combination of advanced dermal fillers and topical anesthesia to target specific points on the nose and lift or smooth out irregularities safely and quickly, leaving you with improved symmetry in your profile that will last for up to 18 months.


Here in Vancouver, the medical aesthetic gurus at our clinic have revolutionized the skill of non-surgical reconstruction with Hyaluronic Acid filler. Our expertly placed filler can give you results that rival any scalpel-based procedure; whether you’re looking to minimize bumps or even out uneven curves, our team has got you covered in a minimally invasive way. With us, you can rest assured that while we work hard to create your desired look, we’ll still help ensure you maintain a natural appearance.

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