Pigmented Lesions (Brown Spots) Treatment North Vancouver

Pigmentation spots such as age spots are caused primarily by sun exposure. These dark marks tend to develop on the face, neck, hands and other body areas that are constantly exposed to the sun. This hyperpigmentation can cause a great deal of distress as the spots cannot be easily concealed. Fortunately, modern laser treatments offer one of the most advanced solutions for removing these stubborn age spots, sun spots and freckles from affected skin areas. At our clinic, we offer reliable and safe laser services that are highly effective at fading or eradicating tans and pigmentations.

At 4dskin, our team of experts will provide the best care and treatments for your brown spots. Our treatments are effective in lightening these pigmented lesions with minimal fuss or discomfort. One of our most popular treatments for dark spots is laser therapy, which fractures the melanin pigment beneath the surface of the skin, resulting in increased fairness and brightness. An alternative to laser therapy is dermabrasion, which works by gently exfoliating dulled and dry skin using a specialized tool to promote the growth of bright new skin cells. Regardless of which treatment you choose for your pigmented lesions, our team will ensure that you receive comprehensive care with our gentle yet effective approach to reduce your brown spots and restore your flawless complexion.


Looking for a safe and effective way to reduce pigmented lesions and even out your skin tone? If you’re in Vancouver, SR/SRA applicators can help restore vibrancy and lustre to sun-damaged skin while removing age spots and brown patches. This advanced treatment technology gently yet powerfully targets areas of discoloration and ageing, so you get naturally beautiful-looking results without the hassle or pain of costly procedures. With SR/SRA applicators in Vancouver, you can finally say goodbye to pesky pigmented lesions and enjoy a more luminous complexion.

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