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EMS INFRATHERAPY is an innovative medical technology that combines both Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Infrared Light Therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Through the use of specialized electrodes and LEDs, this therapy stimulates muscles and increases circulation while lowering pain levels through infrared light application. It can dramatically improve mobility, reduce post- activity soreness, improve range of motion, speed healing from injuries, and is a great option for athletes who are looking for immediate relief from muscle fatigue or regular treatments for sports performance improvement. With EMS INFERATHERAPY’s fast acting pain relief combined with its long-term healing benefits, there is no doubt that it can help anyone achieve their goals far faster than traditional therapies.


EMS Infratherapy treatment

It is highly beneficial for people suffering from chronic pain or recovering from injuries as it increases blood flow, reduces inflammation in overworked joints, stimulates the metabolic process and enhances the oxygen supply in muscles. EMS Inferatherapy has been increasingly used in physical therapy practices, providing both short term relief from pain as well as long term health benefits.


What is EMS Infratherapy for?

By using EMS Inferatherapy, you can reduce and tone fat, as well as tighten and strengthen your muscles. Not only is it simple and convenient to use, but it also speeds up the process of metabolic processes related to weight loss. The electrical muscle stimulation helps to improve circulation which means that the fat tissues are broken down at a much faster rate than with other treatments – making this an ideal choice for those looking for quick results! Furthermore, the infrared rays act on deeper tissue helping to ensure that your treatment yields maximum results. Give EMS Infratherapy a try today, and begin your journey to a healthier you!

EMS Infratherapy in vancouver

Here at our facility located in Vancouver, we offer our clients our cutting-edge EMS Infrared therapy. Our experienced and certified therapists are the best in the business. During the therapy session, an electronically controlled device is used on problem areas to deliver a low-level electrical current stimulating the body’s nervous system. We understand that our clients need effective treatments that produce fast results without downtime and our EMS InfraTherapy helps our clients do just that while avoiding invasive treatments or surgeries. With our advanced therapy providing both physical and physiological benefits, our patients can feel confident they are receiving quality care tailored to their individual needs.

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