Skin Resurfacing: Nano-fractional Resurfacing North Vancouver

Skin Resurfacing

Nano-fractional RF (radio-frequency) is a novel skin rejuvenation treatment that has recently become popular among people wishing to look younger and healthier. The process involves using micro-beam technology to break down damaged layers of the skin, allowing newer, smoother, and brighter layers to be exposed. An offshoot of this process leads to the natural production of collagen in the underlying fabrics, boosting elasticity and reducing wrinkles. Because the new technology offers pinpoint accuracy and increased safety while working under the surface of the skin, nano-fractional RF treatments can provide excellent results without the extended downtime associated with older treatments such as dermabrasion.

With regular treatment sessions, those receiving nano-fractional RF can expect not only restored beauty but also improved self-confidence for years to come.


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