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Got A Case Of Dandruff And Itchy Scalp?

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Do you have dandruff and itchy scalp? All you need to control it is ginger!
Ginger or adrak is a spice that all Indians or rather Asians are well aware of. The flavor-enhancing root spice is added to a number of curries, drinks and even sweets. Warm and flavorful ginger is part of a number of our home remedies for digestive problems as well as colds and coughs. The active ingredient in ginger, gingerol, has analgesic (pain relieving), sedative (hypnotic), antipyretic (antipyretic) and antibacterial properties. This makes ginger a good remedy for a wide range of problems. Ginger is also useful for fighting inflammation in the body due to the presence of the antioxidant zingron in it. This is why ginger can boost immunity and improve skin quality. But, did you know that you can even fight scalp infections and dandruff using ginger?

Ginger is actually a great beauty ingredient as well. Ginger juice can be added to face and hair masks to fight skin and scalp infections due to its antibacterial or antimicrobial abilities. Ginger juice can restore health to your scalp and may even help fight itchy scalp and dandruff. Some people even use ginger juice to control hair loss, as dandruff is considered one of the main causes of hair loss. However, ginger’s role in preventing hair loss is only proven by anecdotal evidence. It can surely help you fight dandruff (NDTV Food).

From: NDTV Food

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